Homeowners may be hesitant to remove a dead tree from their property for a variety of reasons – maybe it holds sentimental value or they may not realize the danger it poses. Although healthy trees are a great addition to your property, removing diseased, dying, or dead trees from your yard by a professional tree removal and trimming service like Trees N Stumps R Us should be a priority. We’ve created a list of the top reasons why you shouldn’t wait to remove a dead tree!

Dead Trees can be Dangerous 

A dead tree on your property can cause numerous problems that can be dangerous and expensive, so it should be dealt with as soon as possible. Because of the rotted wood and reduced strength, the tree branches are more likely to fall during high winds or storms. Even in the absence of these weather elements, dead branches can fall at any time, subjecting nearby people or pets to severe injury. In addition to the branches, the entire tree could fall, causing extensive damage to your home, car, or even a member of your family. Removing dead trees keeps your property and everyone on it safe.

Lifeless Trees are Unattractive

The rotting wood of a dead tree can stand out in an otherwise well-kept and attractive landscape, detracting from the beauty of your property and therefore reducing the value and curb appeal of your home. Homeowners invest time, effort, and money into making their landscapes beautiful, and they want their own property and neighboring homes to reflect that. Some homeowner associations will even require the removal of dead trees and plant life in order to maintain a positive impression on neighborhood visitors.

Dead Trees Spread Disease

A diseased tree has the potential to infect other nearby trees, making them more susceptible to pests and less capable of healing when injured. Spotting the signs of potential infection in trees as early as possible can greatly reduce the risk of losing the tree. It is a good idea to have the dead tree removed by a Naples, FL tree removal company and they can also inspect the other trees and shrubs on your property and tell you if they have been impacted or require treatment. Removing one sick tree from your property could potentially save your entire landscape.

Dead Trees Attract Pests

Pests are frequently discovered in deceased trees. Many types of pests, including termites and other wood-boring insects, prey on diseased or dying trees. Furthermore, animals such as rats may try to find shelter in dead trees. Let the professionals at Trees N Stumps R Us, a Naples, Florida tree removal company, help you to eliminate any potential problem in your landscape.

Removing Dead Trees Can Save You Money

Although some people are hesitant about tree removal services due to the cost, the fees associated with tree damage resulting from doing nothing will surely be higher. While most tree damage is covered by homeowner’s insurance, if the damage was caused by negligence (for example, failing to remove a structurally weakened tree), you may end up footing the entire repair bill yourself, including damage to a neighbor’s property. The dead trees in your yard could end up costing quite a bit in the long run, so homeowners shouldn’t wait for something troubling to happen before they act.

We Provide All Types of Tree Services

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Landscaping Installation

If you want to maintain, upgrade or improve your landscaping, consider our landscaping services. We have years of experience in general landscape installation. 

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