If you are a home or business owner in Southwest Florida, you understand the benefits that healthy trees provide to your property. Lending shade, offering a beautiful backdrop for landscaping, and providing a border for your property are just a few of the ways that trees improve your residential or commercial land. In order to keep them healthy and functional, they will regularly need maintenance to make sure that they are safe and attractive. As an expert tree service in Naples, FL, Trees ‘N Stumps R Us has some tips for how to know the difference between trimming and pruning and when to do them. 

Benefits of Tree Service in Naples, FL 

In order to maintain their beauty and health, trees need to be cared for regularly. Most of the time, a tree needs to be trimmed or pruned for one of the following reasons: safety, health, or style. 


When a tree has dead or broken branches, they need to be removed. Having loose branches can be hazardous, especially if you don’t remove them before a storm hits. Large branches can cause extensive damage, and if you live close to your neighbor you may even cause damage to their property. Equally dangerous are branches that are interfering with utility lines. They should be removed to eliminate the risk of damage. 


Damaged, diseased, or dead branches and limbs need to be removed as soon as possible. If diseased branches are removed before the disease has spread, the likelihood of preserving the entire tree increases. Removing dead or damaged branches allows the tree’s energy to be more efficiently used for vibrant parts of the plant. Additionally, removing overgrown branches can improve airflow and exposure to sunlight, which is good for the health of the tree.


Sometimes, a tree simply needs a trim in order to improve the overall shape or appearance of the plant. Some plants can be trained to grow in a particular way if they are regularly shaped. It’s important not to cut too much off of the tree, though, as overdoing it can cause damage. 

Tree Trimming Vs. Tree Pruning in Naples, FL

While the terms are often used interchangeably, there IS a difference between trimming and pruning. Knowing when each is needed and how to properly do either is essential to keeping your trees healthy. A knowledgeable Naples tree trimming service will be able to do both. 

Naples, FL Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is used mostly for branches that are interfering in some way. It tends to be cosmetic and targets the entire tree. Removing new shoots or cutting back overgrown branches in an attempt to shape it or keep it at the correct height improves the overall look of the tree, in turn improving the entire landscape. 

Naples, FL Tree Pruning

Tree pruning tends to be more specific as opposed to general. Pruning targets dead, diseased, unhealthy, or loose branches as well as live branches in an attempt to improve the health of the tree. Tree pruning is more complex than trimming and should be performed by a qualified professional. 

Work With the Best Tree Service in Naples, FL

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