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tree removal in naples & surrounding areas

Skid Steer


New addition to our equipment for large debris removal and handling. Tree branches of all sizes are hauled away safely and efficiently.

Stump Grinder


We are stump grinding experts in Naples, Marco Island and all of Collier County. Properly trained, well experienced and hard working.

Box Hauler & Trailer


Big tree removal jobs or simply tree trimming. We have all the tools and equipment to haul away tree debris of all sizes. Ask for a free quote.

Bucket Truck & Chipper


Tall trees, hard to reach trees, we will remove them all. Our powerful bucket truck with hauler for shredded debris is ready for work.

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Can my tree be saved?

Trees offer a wide range of benefits to our existence that for the most part are obvious. Wildlife benefits from trees for food and shelter. We save on cooling costs from the shade given by the tree in Florida's high temperatures. They improve the look and feel of communities. Air quality is improved, wind is mitigated and they offer privacy between neighbors. Did you know property values increase up to 20% with proper landscaping?

The list of benefits for trees is extensive especially when economical values are considered. Trees also offer realistic threats to their surroundings given the right conditions. Unhealthy trees are prone to breakage of large branches that damage property and injure people and wildlife. Most of the times a tree just needs maintenance to preserve safety and all the benefits accompanied. In some cases drastic reduction in size can save your tree from being removed.

Not all trees can be saved and must be removed. Trees get old and frail while some get damaged by storms and poor maintenance. Removing a tree is dangerous work that requires professional equipment by skilled persons. You should never attempt to remove a tree on your own. Each year over 100 people die from tree removal and trimming. Accidents range from falls to electrocution to equipment fails. To determine whether a tree needs to be removed or simply maintained, contact Trees N Stumps R Us for an onsite consultation.