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Naples Tree Trimming

Trees N Stumps R Us has the right tools, experience and crew to trim any tree. From various cutters to chainsaws and even a bucket truck for the hard to reach branches. Sometimes all you need is a ladder and other times you must climb the tree with proper climbing gear. It's important safety is always considered even when the trimming project seems simple. Branches can appear to be small enough to negotiate that actually are pretty heavy.

Awareness to your surroundings while moving a ladder or working a chainsaw is very important. Fail to protect yourself and quickly you can learn this industry is unforgiving to mistakes. Palm trees in particular require expertise. Our prices are fair and quotes always free. We have the experience to properly remove browned fronds and the tools to reach any size palm tree.

Cutting off the trunk of a palm tree will kill the tree. The only time a trunk should be cut is when you have a cluster of palms and want one removed. Dying fronds provide nutrients for emerging fronds, so wait until it is almost completely browned before trimming it. Never pull and rip off a frond as the trunk can get damaged. Some plam trees are self cleaning which means the fronds (branches) will fall off on their own.

Climbing a palm tree is extremely dangerous. If you have fear of heights and lack experience, do not attempt to trim your own palm tree. Shorter palm trees can be trimmed with special tools and in some cases must be climbed with special gear. Handling palm branches requires caution from sharp edges to heavier weight with larger fronds that can throw you off balance. Not only do you have to manage your weight, but the chainsaw and other tools. Call us today for a free estimate. You can even text an image of the tree trimming project to the phone number listed on this website.

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